Harvard 2963 Recovery – Update #1 2017

Work to recover the remains of Harvard 2963 began in 2016 with the raising of a handful of the smaller items.  Conservation efforts were immediately undertaken on these items to determine the scope of work and the feasibility of recovering the remaining pieces.  With the efforts of No.6 RCAF Dunnville Museum and assistance of the Canadian Conservation Institute the recovered items have been cleaning up to a better than expected level.   Continue reading


Recovery project of Harvard 2963 begins

On July 2nd, 2016 the CHAA Aircraft Recovery Team presented a fire extinguisher to the No. 6 RCAF Dunnville Museum.  The fire extinguisher was recovered from the wreck of Harvard 2963 which crashed into Lake Erie nearly 75 years ago.  The aircraft originated from No. 6 SFTS in Dunnville before the accident that killed Leading Aircraftsman William Charles Smith.

CHART presentation 1

CHART Team Leader Walt Irie presents the fire extinguisher to museum director Peter Gay.

The presentation signifies the beginning of a project to recover the remainder of the aircraft which will then be displayed at the Dunnville museum after undergoing conservation work.

Read more here via Salvage operation near Fort Erie | Simcoe Reformer



The Queen-O Soda bottle


Queen-O cola bottle found near Harvard 2963


So now you’re asking ‘what does a soda bottle have to do with locating lost warbirds?’

This particular bottle was found near the wreckage of Harvard 2963.  It was recovered by one of our divers during his exploration of the site.

The Queen-O Beverage company was owned by Sol Lenzner and was operated in Buffalo, NY from 1922 until 1969.  Since the Canadiana operated from Buffalo to Crystal Beach it is likely that this bottle could have been tossed from the ferry on one of its passages.  A little research has indicated that this is a 1930 to 1940 era bottle.

Just a small bit of trivia and intrigue to add to the story of Harvard 2963.


Queen-O Cola bottle bottom